Bohemia Halloween Hunt still continue

There are some free gifts you will find in this Second Life hunt. These samples are not all you can find, of course there is more free stuff in shops.

Several samples of Halloween gifts is starting in Crazy Kitty. Black neko backpack with plenty of details. Pretty talkative, if you touch it;)

From Bohemia Halloween Hunt

Crazy Kitty Mainstore

Inga Wind Amanda Outfit, calming orange color from head to toe. Prim parts are sculpted, high heels include the step sound.

From Bohemia Halloween Hunt

Inga Wind Mainstore

Marinoco Fashion Daniela gown. Purple dress with several options, great for ball dancing.

From Bohemia Halloween Hunt

Marinoco Fashion Mainstore

Tiny Bitty Neko stuff. You will find the neko set with ears and tail, special made for Halloween. Pumpkins are simply everywhere:)

From Bohemia Halloween Hunt

Tiny Bitty Mainstore

Vellas are giving you the complete outfit, there are several shirt and pants options. If you still got nothing for Halloween evening, you can change it easy just now;)

From Bohemia Halloween Hunt

Vellas Mainstore

Pumpkins in our hunt are in 20 spots, the starting point is Bohemia Mall, and if you want all this stuff and plenty of more, you have need eagle eyes and some time for the journey;) But you wil not be disappointed.

Wish you a very Happy Halloween!

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