twentyFIRST gifts for Bohemia Halloween Hunt

Bohemia Halloween Hunt started two days ago. You can learn more in my prevous blog post. Today I would like to introduce the twentyFIRST products, which you can find as a free gifts in this hunt. There are no lowcost special-hunt-items made for this event, in every location is common stuff, available for regular price in shop.

As a manager of the hunt, the twentyFIRST’s gift is in the first starting pumpkin. You will find the studded bracelet from GREDDYA pink and white set (belt is not included in this free gift.) Fully sculpted and modify to fit any sizes of avatar shapes.


TwentyFIRST mainstore is somewhere in the middle of your hunter’ s journey. There are the new Halloween item from twentyFIRST – Jack O’Lantern Grungy Sneakers, pretty bright and orange. Need some for Halloween party? Don’t give the hunt up, heads up!

Grungy sneakers HALLOWEEN gifts

Third gift is available at twentyFIRST outpost in Bohemia Mall. This small store is dedicated to camouflage clothing, but girls, don’t worry;) As a gift you can find KESHAMNA Autumn hodie/anorak/T-shirt. Copy, modify, possible to use several different ways. And, as every twentyFIRST products, everything is original – no prefab sculpties, no freebie textures or templates.

keshamna AUTUMN

Hope you have fun in hunt, and you will not miss this event;)

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