Halloween trees and pumpkins

Halloween Trees with pumpkins Halloween Young Oak Tree
21strom releases series of very realistic sculpted trees,  low prim – from 3 prims, including 8 pumpkins (!) hanging and laying around the tree. Two variations of tree in black, white and bare colors is special Halloween modification of seasonal series of burly and young oaks in classic tree colors.

All the trees are full modifyresize it up to 64 meters, change glow, full bright… and copy it as much as you can.
Unique trees with original textures, made from my own photos,  and high quality original sculpties are available for very good prices.

See the high quality of all trees at 21strom before buying – trees are rezzed inworld, you can check there is no the pathetic fake of crossing plates or using downloaded royalty-free textures.

Flickr pool: Halloween decorations, Oak tree releases and all 21strom items

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