Ivy Wall Covers

21strom Ivy Wall CoversBrand new ivy covers in several leaves patterns – 20 variations of covers made from brand new sculpties and textures.

Every package includes:
– simple ivy cover in selected pattern – 1 prim
– linkset of ivy covers and 1 prim sculpted wall

Items are copy, use as much as you like. All items are full modify – you can manually resize them up to 64 meters.

If you like old brick wall with grass on top (still one prim only), use it with ivy cover. Items are copy and full modify too, unlink it and resize the parts as you need. Wall can be as long as you want – you can edit horizontal repeating of texture and make the wall textured very well in any length.

If you need to use ivy cover on your own building, use single one prim item of ivy for your home or garden as wall cover, ground cover…

Price for each copy+modify set is 100 L$ only!

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