Platan – realistic tree for all seasons

New release at 21strom is photorealistic tree inspired by real platanus – plane tree.
Choose one of three shapes and prim counts. Colored season trees contain HUD for pattern changing. Singles in black and white are best for your winter or Christmas season.

All trees are COPY – it prevents you from loosing purchased items, and you can copy it as many as you want.

Trees are MODIFY – fully, not by scripts. Edit it and resize freely as you need. Tree is resizable up to 64 meters of the biggest prim. It means, tree will be high more then 64 meters in maximal size.

Scripts are made low lag by professional, you do not need to delete them. But if you really really want, you can do it. Due modify and copy permissions, you can use new copy of tree, if you change your mind.

See all items rezzed inworld at 21strom.

See the Flickr pool:

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