Scarlet Oak – mesh trees in 16 colors – hypergrid version

Scarlet Oak trees are mesh trees with surrounding landscapes elements.
Each tree is one mesh object with proper physics, you can walk on terrain buffer.

There are 3 series of Scarlet Oaks:
Seasonal colors – 6 pieces of trees for spring, summer and autumn
Autumn bicolor – 5 pieces of trees with vivid autumn colors
Bare & Winter – 5 pieces of bare trees for autumn gardens, spooky events or winter forest. This product includes white tree suitable for recolorizing

Trees are available at 21strom store at Kitely Market for Kitely or as Export verison for hypergrided grids.

Free gift for November 2013 is available at 21strom Kitely region – groundcover and pile of leaves, both with scarlet oak leaves pattern, suitable for these scarlet oak mesh landscapes.

kitley-freegift-11-2013 21strom-Scarlet-Oak-kitely3 21strom-Scarlet-Oak-kitely2 21strom-Scarlet-Oak-kitely1 21strom-Scarlet-Oak-kitely

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