Silver Birch Road – new mesh landscape

Another mesh landscape easy to use. Rezz the grove or path and it is done, enjoy!

Package includes 4 different pieces of mesh birch grove with path, or simple glade. All items are high detailed, made from my real photos and very low land impact. With footprint about 16×16 meters there is 22, 23 or 25 prims only.

Every item includes:
– 1 or 4 (special package) pieces of landscape
– groundcover, 1 prim mesh with ground texture for filling the edges and small pieces of system terrain
– textury of groundcover for using with your prims

Tiles are inteded for non precise tiling. Just rezz it on ground and let it blend with your landscape.
Items have precise physic, you can walk on ground.
As usually, items are copy and full modify – resize it if you want, but it is not needed.

All lights and shadows visible in snapshots below are part of mesh landscapes.

You need to see it alive in SL! Walk it and enjoy it! SLURL:

Special package in SL Marketplace, see Featured for single items.









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