Catch the blue bunny – Easter hunt at 21strom

Catch the blue bunny and find high quality landscaping items just for 1 L$!

Every bunny will give you a low prim mesh tree or very popular mesh landscape, items worth 100-300 L$ each.
One of bunnies will give you blue bunny itself, wearable on your shoulder.

Big info bunny is westernmost bunny. Go east!
Bunnies are always on the ground.
Bunnies love spring, summer or autumn landscapes. They do not like winter.
Bunnies do not cross any water.
There is 8 bunnies with a gift at sim

Starting location in SL: 21strom at twentyFIRST
Starting location in Kitely and  Metropolis: see OpenSim post

Pictures of some gifts:

bunny vendor2-PINK-STRAIGHT0

21strom-cherry-blossom-park09 21strom-cherry-blossom-park03

21strom-Kitely-Market-04 21strom Cherry Tree Park 04


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