Dog Rose Mesh Bushes – 60 pcs for All Seasons

Dog Rose Bush is package of 60 original photorealistic low prim mesh bushes, suitable for all seasons.
Every foliage variation is made by high detailed different texture.
Green and yellow patterns include rose hips and rose flowers variations.

Each bush can be tinted – foliage, trunk, or both of them.
Recolor the white variation to any color you want.

Product includes 60 pieces – 5 shapes (A, B, C, D, E) in 12 patterns – see all pictures.

In OpenSim worlds every bush is 1 prim only. Due the Second Life mesh prim count same bushes have variable prim count in SL.

Prim count in Second Life for realistic avatar size:
[A] – 2 prims for 2m height
[B] – 1 prims for 3.5m height
[C] – 2 prims for 2m height
[D] – 6 prims for 2m height
[E] – 7 prims for 2m height

See inworld in Kitely.
Buy at Kitely Market.

See inworld in Second Life.
Buy at SL Marketplace.

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