Mesh Rock Path

Rock Path is building set of 48 original mesh paths – 8 shapes in 6 rock textures with baked shadows.
Objects are low poly meshes with proper physics – avatar can walk on them.
Assemble the pieces and make your own road in your favorite terrain. See pictures for basic samples of use.
Pieces are made as one prim object, each axis can be scaled independently – height of road can be adjusted.
Baked shadows on rocks are part of the textures. Set includes black and white gradient texture as a sample – retexture rocks with your own texture, or change the color of the BW gradient set on your favorite shade.

Set includes 8 different pieces of paths, each in 6 different texture patterns – 5 rock textures and 1 black and white gradient and black and white gradient texture.

Mesh Rock Paths at Kitely Market
Mesh Rock Path at SL Marketplace – soon

Kitely inworld URL
Second Life SLURL – soon

21strom-rock-path01 21strom-rock-path02 21strom-rock-path0321strom-rock-path05


ROCKpath-vendor02 ROCKpath-vendor03 ROCKpath-vendor05

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