Apple Tree – Bent – with 3D Apples in All Seasons

New original detailed mesh apple trees with 3D apples and Whispering Wind.
Apples are red or yellow, 4 colors of foliage could be changed by click on foliage.
Whispering Wind is smooth wind effect of leaves.
There is 40 (forty) apples on one tree.
3D materials are enabled for all parts of tree.

Prim count in OpenSim worlds: 3 prims each tree in any size
Prim count in Second Life:
3 prims for tree without apples in size 10x10x8 (height) meters
10 prims for tree with 40 apples in size 10x10x8 (height) meters

Rezzed in Kitely at 21strom
Available at Kitely Market

Available and rezzed at Second Life
Available at SL Marketplace

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