Mesh Lattice Kit with Animated Wisteria – Second Life

Lattice kit is mesh building set of 11 pieces of diagonal lattice railings, fences and columns, suitable for creating your original gazebo, summerhouse, arbor, pavilion or pergola and decorating your house or garden.
Building elements are covered with hanging Wisteria in 9 flower colors.
Lattices have got precise collision physics, use them as wall of fences.
Each piece of wisteria includes Whispering Wind – smooth animation of flowers.

There is a script inside wisteria prim, changing textures – color pattern. Click on wisteria and change the patterns.
Animation of foliage can be turned off – insert script into the tree.
Reset scripts in object (in menu) and turn the animation back on.

– 11 different pieces, see pictures
– script for stopping animation

Prim count of pieces:
COLUMN 1 prim
SQUARE 1 prim up to 3x3m
HALF 1 prim up to 9×4 m
HALF with wisteria 2 prims up to 6x3m
HALF LANDSCAPE with wisteria 2 prims up to 6x3m
HALF CEILING 3 prims up to 5×2.5m
SQUARE with wisteria 2 prims up to 3x3m
SQUARE CEILING with wisteria 3 prims up to 3x3m
ARC 2 prim up to 7 m width
ARC with wisteria 2 prims up to 4m width

Changing of mesh item could change prim count – land impact.

Basic white texture with shadows could be tinted to every color, or could be replaced by your own texture. Wisteria texture could be replaced by your own texture of any plant.
Script could be deleted after desired texture is chosen, after deleting script textures cannot be switched anymore, you need to rez new item.
All items have precise physics, they could be used as walkable objects or as walls.
Unlinking of mesh item can broke the physics, do not do that.

Available at SL Marketplace
Availalbe inworld in Second Life
See links for OpenSim version.

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