Old Country Road – 7 mesh pieces in 6 season – original building kit

OLD COUNTRY ROAD is a 7 pieces building kit of mesh walkable roads in 6 seasons.
3D materials are enabled.
Click on object and it changes texture – 6 seasonal textures and proper 3D materials for them will be displayed on object.
You can change shininess of material, repeating of texture, tint it, change the glow or full bright.
You can delete script, if your building is definitely finished.

Pieces are made as one prim object, each axis can be scaled independently – height of road can be adjusted.

Prim count in Second Life is very low:
CURVE Road – 2 prims
Every other Roads – 1 prim

Prim count in Kitely: 1 prim each piece

Rezzed in Kitely at 21strom
Available at Kitely Market

Available and rezzed at Second Life
Available at SL Marketplace

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