Flat Geometric Cliffs in 15 options

Cliffs in geometric shapes with perfectly flat surface, great for creating your own terrain, landscape or skybox.
There are 3 rock textures,just click on rock and switch to next texture.
3D materials are on.
Rocks are walkable – you can use them for walking, building and relaxing. Grass part is walkable, rock part is “phantom.”
Objects are copy + modify, scripts are copy only.

Set includes 5 different mesh rock cliffs, each with 3 rock textures.

Prim count in OpenSim: 2 prims each cliff in any size
Rezzed inworld in Kitely
Available at Kitely Market

Prim count in Second Life: 2 prims each cliff up to height of 13 meters
Available and rezzed inworld in Second Life
Available at SL Marketplace

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