Linden Tree DJ Stage at SL13B

I am the creator of DJ Stage full sim for SL13B – 13th SL Birthday celebration.
Read the story about Shared Adventures. Explore the sim with plenty of landscapes, and huge central stage tree. Find the freebies. Have fun with DJs and residents at popular DJ stage.

SLURL for DJ Stage – available 19 June to 3 July 2016.
Destination Guide for Linden Tree Dj Stage

There are freebies all over the sim – find the stumps with SL13B logo on them.


Final video – Story of the Linden Tree DJ Stage

Previous sneak peek video

My Flickr photo album

List of freebies:
– Two different square patches of grass in fantasy colors
– XML file with settings for sim – use them anywhere you want
– Mildew fantasy plant
– Two trumpet fantasy plants – straight and open
– Four new photo HUDs – create photos with summer grass and leaves as frame!
– Mesh animals, (previous gifts for subscribers)
– Mesh crystal in green color
Detailed list of freebies with pictures.
All gifts are copy+modify. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to pick up so many freebies

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