SL13B Freebies at Linden Tree Dj Stage

This is a detailed list of freebies, available at SL13B Astonish – Linden Tree DJ Stage.
There are free gifts at landing area, provided by Leondra Larsson.

Free gift by me are allways at stump with gift logo, you find first one nearby the stone gate.

1. XML file with settings for sim – use them anywhere you want
2. Two different square patches of grass in fantasy colors


3. Mildew fantasy plant


4. Two trumpet fantasy plants – straight and open


5. Four new photo HUDs – create photos with summer grass and leaves as frame!
HUDs will be available later also at 21strom for free, and there will be more seasonal variations of them. For now, you can have summer leaves, leaves and grass, leaves only and grass only.
You can change the color of HUD in Edit Mode. Samples of photo with HUDs

Leaves and grass Color changed Leaves both side - leaves frame

6. Mesh animals, previous gifts for subscribers – Sheep, Cat and Deer

7. Mesh crystal in green color


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