Grassy Hillocks – landscaping building kit

Grassy Hillocks is a building kit for your landscapes, parks and gardens. There are 4 different shapes of hillocks with or without grass on them, each contains all seasons variations.

Whispering Wind – smooth animation of wind effect for grass. Turned it off, back on, delete scripts and it will still work…
Walkable – proper collision physics for hillocks, you can walk them.
48 combinations for each hillock – there are 8 ground textures of hillocks and 6 different textures of grass. Each hillock can use any of these combinations. Click on a hillock or a grass for all possible textures. No HUD, no dialog.
All 8 ground textures included, change your region terrain and make your landscape perfect.
Copy and full modify – change colors, create unique tree with your favorite color, change size….

– 4 hillocks with grass, each can use any combination of grass and ground texture, just click on hillock or grass for change. Prim count 4 prims in any size in OpenSim, 4 prims in about 10-20 meteres in Second Life.
– 4 hillocks without grass, each contains 8 ground textures, just click on hillock for change. Prim count 1 prim in any size in OpenSim, prim size 1 (2 for crater) in about size of 10-20 meters.
– 8 ground textures – use it to make your landscape more interesting
– Script for stopping the wind effect – insert it to the grass for turning animation off. Reset object to start animation again.

Rezzed inworld in Kitely
Available at Kitely Market

Available and rezzed in Second Life (soon)
Available at Second Life Marketplace

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