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Návod jak zničit Second Life i OSgrid 0

Návod jak zničit Second Life i OSgrid

Můj přístup k alternativám je myslím dobře znám. Nebo se alespoň dá vyčíst z mých kritických poznámek k současnému stavu Second Life, naposledy třeba v konstatování o konci Burning Life. Bohužel, neinformovanost či nezájem...

AKACIA – big, bigger and biggest sculpted trees 0

AKACIA – big, bigger and biggest sculpted trees

Three versions of akacia tree made for passionate landscapers. The smaller ones are resizable, the Big and XL series are made from huge/mega prims, but still including low lag script for modifying basic features....

KIRIRAUI Multicolor serie 0

KIRIRAUI Multicolor serie

New must-have piece of your beachwear! Buy one shorts in black’n’white never-seen-in-SL pattern, and change it to your favorite color! System pants in all 15 colors included. Enjoy the details – sculpty metal doplhin...

TENGWYA studded boots 1

TENGWYA studded boots

Brand new combat – punk – rock – goth boots in SL! Original fully sculpted punk boots with buckles, belts and studs. Unique sculpties with baked shadows and high quality textures. No freebie/donwloaded textures,...

DARBBYA outfits for girls 0

DARBBYA outfits for girls

There is a new release for girls – DARBBYA outfits. Popular baggy pants and popular GREDDYA patterns. Connection of high quality sculpties and original textures.

Sculpted Tree Releases 0

Sculpted Tree Releases

The very first release of unique and original trees – realistic willows and fantasy flower and love trees. All trees are fully sculpted, sculpties and textures are unique and original. You can buy these...

Bohemia Christmas Hunt 0

Bohemia Christmas Hunt

Bohemia Christmas Hunt started Dec. 1st and you can find the christmas gifts all December at plenty of location in SL. You will visit about 17 locations grid wide – Czech and Slovak shops...

YUKKSA unisex vests 0

YUKKSA unisex vests

First two series of vest are available now inworld. Basics tartan and black items in “belty” and “straps” versions.More patterns and versions coming soon, the popular color changing series will be available too.