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YUKKSA unisex vests 0

YUKKSA unisex vests

First two series of vest are available now inworld. Basics tartan and black items in “belty” and “straps” versions.More patterns and versions coming soon, the popular color changing series will be available too.

BRAGGYA sexy punk outfits 0

BRAGGYA sexy punk outfits

New outfits for woman, very sexy;) Seven very popular color patterns, unique and original, as usually from twentyFIRST. New sculpties for feminine stuff, everything is very familiar to you girls;) And, there is special...

Bohemia Halloween Hunt is starting today 0

Bohemia Halloween Hunt is starting today

Oct. 26th, 9 AM SLT. The hunt is starting today.Second Life Halloween Hunt organized by Czech and Slovak brands for all SL residents, you will visit about 20 locations in 10 regions, where Czech...

The very first time – for girls only;) 0

The very first time – for girls only;)

Yeah, it is true:) The end of “unisex and men’s only” period in twentyFIRST… Please, don’t cry 😀 Men are still my favorite breed 😉 Scribbled outfits with skirt, punky belts and bracelets and...

Keshamna and camouflage outfits. 0

Keshamna and camouflage outfits.

So. Fashion show is over:) There it is. KESHAMNA hoodie/anorak/t-shirt with hoodie/or-whatever-you-want. Several parts of attachments making this stuff pretty variable. Of course. The sets. If you cought and bought the hoodies and pants...

Chansapa camouflage serie – 32 new pants 0

Chansapa camouflage serie – 32 new pants

The newest 32 pants in twentyFIRST is camouflage, realistic, historic, or pretty virtual patterns are available. Anyway, everything is high detailed and very carefully done. The best pants in SL just for you;)