White Birch Tree Glen – another 4 sets – more 30 mesh landscapes with animated trees

New seasonal sets with White Birch animated trees. Each set includes 8 or 6 landscapes. Summer set landscapes have 6 option for grass – just click on grass and texture will be changed.
Terrain texture has baked shadows of trees. Included terrain texture has no shadows, it is suitable for using with your terrain or other terrain object.
Animation of trees can be turned off – insert script into the landscape. Reset scripts in object and turn the animation back on.
Default footprint of landscape is 32×32 meters, it contains 30+ trees! You can cover whole region by rezzing 8×8 landscapes!

Combine these landscapes with previous sets of White Birch Forests!

Prim count – land impact in OpenSim worlds is 5 prims for each landscape.
See these landscapes covering whole region at Metropolis – HG URL

Second Life version
Prim count is 138 prims/LI for landscape 32×32 m with 34 trees.
It is equivalent of 34 prims for landscape of 16x16m footprint. It means about 4 prims for one tree, including terrain and grass!

See the video of beautiful trees covering whole region!

Available at Kitely Market:
Early Winter
Severe Winter

Special Metropolis region covered only by White Birch landscapes – HG URL

Available at Second Life:
Inworld – SL URL
Available at SL Marketplace:
Early Winter
Severe Winter


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