Icy flickering mesh statues

Do not miss the brand new icy statues with switchable flickering – wavering lights. Now are available two sets – 4 bears and 4 moose.
Lights can be switch on/ogg by simple click on statue.
Items are copy and full modify, you can change colors, let lights off and edit your own full bright and glow.

Second Life SLURL
Kitely inworld URL
Metropolis inworld URL -soon

SL Marketplace: Bears set | Moose set
Kitely Market: Bears set | Moose set

21strom-BEAR-flickering-statues 21strom-MOOSE-flickering-statues

vendor-BEAR vendor-BEAR2

vendor-MOOSE vendor-MOOSE2

vendor-BEAR3 vendor-BEAR4

vendor-BEAR5 vendor-BEAR6

vendor-MOOSE3 vendor-MOOSE4

vendor-MOOSE5 vendor-MOOSE6

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