Magic Lantern Set – Pulsing Christmas Lights

Another light release at 21strom – sculpted lights set with 8 different pieces of lights, each 1 prim only and each containing 64 lights! Don’t miss it for you Christmas decoration;)

Features of Magic Lantern Pulsing Lights:

Lights are made by sculpties, it is fully 3D, no flickering alpha textures.
There is 8 different pieces in set, each 1 prim only.

Lights are fully sculpted, each piece has 1 prim only, containing 64 real 3D lights.

PULSING LIGHTS are on when rezzing the item. Switch it off by click on the lights. Switch it on by next click.
Switching on and off is available only for object owner.

Items are copy and full modify (scripts are copy only – dont worry, permissions in Inventory are not shown correctly for this reason).
MODIFY means fully modify, not by scripts. Edit it and resize freely as you need. Change colors of lights manually, edit glow, full bright and resize item freely up to 64 meters in maximal size.

If you mess your product by experiments, rezz the new one – everything is COPY.

Lights are textured by basic texture with slight shadow, but you can use any other texture.

Scripts are made by professional scripter, they are really low lag. Do not need to delete them, your lights will stop pulsing lights!
Lanterns are not symetric precisely, depending on your Viewer and Settings.

If you can see lanterns really weird, check your sculptie settings:

– In Advanced menu (Ctrl+Alt+D for PC, Ctrl+Opt+D for Mac) find Debug Settings
– find RenderVolumeLODFactor
– change the value to 4.0
– close this window


See it inworld, where are all the Christmas and Lights items rezzed.
Buy as gift at Marketplace .

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