Mesh Wooden Cottage for all seasons

Versatile mesh wooden cottage for all seasons – 4 variations, plenty of options. Unfurnished.

Main features:
– Highly detailed no lag mesh objects with proper collision physics and original textures
– 3D materials enabled
– Full perm door script and sound of doors creaking when opening and closing – edit for closing time, turn off the sound…
– Plenty of options: 2 rooms or 1 room, movable wall with door – change size of rooms, hidden attic or one big room – see pictures
– Color variations: natural and white – suitable for your own colors
– Snowy variations: extra snow on roof and icicles – several groups of icicles (edit or delete them)
– Stairs for different height of foundation are extra objects – resize them, delete them, sink them into terrain…
– Main structure is linked (including doors), optional parts are unlinked
– Base prim (foundation) is basic prim box, all other objects are 100% mesh

What is inside:
4 unlinked complete cottages: Natural, White, Natural Snowy and White Snowy
Basic footprint: cca 20×15 meters, depending on options, could be resized

Rezzed inworld at Kitely
Available at Kitely Market
Prim count in OpenSim: 64 prims, 70 prims for Snowy variations

Available and rezzed at Second Life
Available at SL Marketplace
Prim count in SL: 38 for Natural and White, 38+60 for Snowy variations

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