Best Boardwalk Kit – most variable building set

BEST BOARDWALK is very variable building kit with hundreds of options.
Kit contains 12 pieces of boardwalks.
Click on object and it changes texture – by clicking 3 wood textures will be displayed on object. You can delete script, if your building is finished.
3D materials are active for all wood textures.
Due careful texture mapping is possible to use your own texture for any object.

See pictures of modification objects – each piece (excluding stairs) is made by 3 prims, you can freely move the objects and change the look of boardwalks. For some modification you can make some parts invisible. Also you can change the tint, full bright, glow,… of objects.

Boardwalks are of course walkable – walkable part is planks, other parts are “phantom”.

Unlinking objects can cause broken collision (walkable) physics. If it coincidentally happens, switch planks Physics Shape Type “Prim”, other parts “None”. (in Edit – Features)
On the other hand, by linking several parts could be saved several prims in prim count / land impact – only in Second Life.
Do on your own risk;) All objects are copy, anyway.

Prim count in Kitely: 3 prims each object for any size
Prim count in Second Life in default size (suitable for avatar size – rezzed at 21strom):

STRAIGHT A – 2 prims
STRAIGHT B – 2 prims
STRAIGHT C – 2 prims
CURVE 45 – 2 prims
CURVE 90 – 2 prims
BIG CURVE 90 – 5 prims
CORNER – 2 prims
BIG CORNER – 9 prims
STAIRS – 1 prim
CROSSROAD – 2 prims
T-JUNCTION – 2 prims
BENCH BAY – 2 prims

Rezzed in Kitely at 21strom
Available at Kitely Market

Available and rezzed at Second Life
Available at SL Marketplace

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