Realistic winter and Christmas trees with Christmas lights

There are first releases of 21strom Christmas 2012 Lights Edition. I am working on trees, lights and other decorations with new light system, convenient for Christmas and other holidays and special events. Stay tuned for next releases;)

For now you can buy:

Christmas tree – Spruce with color changing balls and Christmas pulsing lights
Bare Christmas tree – with Christmas pulsing lights – only 4 prims!

Light Tree Sphere – 3D tree made only by pulsing lights
Light tree Plane – 3D realistic tree made by pulsing lights

Christmas Young Oak – White Oak from previous release with Christmas pulsing lights. For same price as regular White Oak!
Christmas Platan Tree – White Platan tree {C} with Christmas pulsing lights. For same price as regular Platan Tree!

Features of items with Christmas Lights:

Lights are fully sculpted and linked with tree.

Choose one of 10 patterns of lights by HUD – wear it and change the snowflake or star on lights. HUD changing all lights around you in 20 meters distance. HUD is working only for item owner.

Pulsing Lights are off when rezzing the item. Switch it on by click on the lights or tree, anywhere on linked object. Switch it off by next click.
Switching on and off is available only for object owner.

Items are copy and full modify (scripts are copy only – dont worry, permissions in Inventory are not shown correctly for this reason).
Modify means fully modify, not by scripts. Edit it and resize freely as you need. Change colors of trees and lights manually, can edit glow, full bright and resize item freely up to 64 meters in maximal size.
If you mess your product by experiments, rezz the new one – everything is copy.

If you bought linked item (object has more then 1 prim), please do not unlink it, scripts will stop working correctly.

All script are made by professional scripter, they are really low lag, you do not need to delete them.


See it inworld:

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