Aspen Trees – 10 Trees in Color Seasons

Aspen Trees compatible with all Aspen landscapes, available as fatpack with all 10 trees, or 2 smaller packs of 5 trees.
All trees are original, include all 5 color seasons (by click on foliage), and have smooth wind effect – Whispering Wind.
3D materials enabled for every part of landscape
– trees are using Whispering Wind – smooth animation of wind effect. Turned it off, back on, delete scripts and it will still work…
5 different colors of leaves – just click on foliage
– combine any pieces with any sets, all are compatible, using similar seasonal patterns

Rezzed inworld at Kitely
Available at Kitely Market
Prim count in OpenSim: 2 prims each tree

Available and rezzed at Second Life
Available at SL Marketplace:
All 10 trees
5 YOUNG trees
5 MATURE trees
Prim count in SL – see pictures

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