Aspen Hills Color Seasons landscapes

Aspen Hills is set of mesh landscapes suitable for flat terrain or no terrain. Create your own landscape with hills and original terrain at every place you want! Just rez the pieces and blend them together.

Use any piece instead of terrain – all pieces are walkable, you can cover big areas and create new level of terrain. Trees and grass are phantom only.

See HD video od landscapes! (soon)

– 3D materials enabled for every part of landscape
– trees and grass are using Whispering Wind – smooth animation of wind effect. Turned it off, back on, delete scripts and it will still work…
– landscapes are walkable, use it as a terrain in any height
– 5 different colors of leaves – just click on foliage
– 4 different colors of grass – just click on grass
– landscapes with no trees included
– seamless texture for your terrain or object is included
– combine any pieces with any sets, all are compatible, using similar seasonal patterns


– 4 different mesh landscape with 5 trees
– 4 diferent mesh landscapes with no trees
– seamless texture for terrain or objects
– script for stopping animation – could be used for all trees and grass

Rezzed inworld at Kitely
>Available at Kitely Market
Prim count in OpenSim: 4 prims, 2 prims for no tree verison

Available and rezzed at Second Life
Available at SL Marketplace
Prim count in SL: 17, 17, 18 and 20 prims for 20x20m footprint

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