Halloween Special Pack – Moon with Bats, Pumpkins, Moving Fog

Special pack with Halloween mesh props, now with 3D materials on!

• 1 prim mesh groundcover with moving fog – change size, alpha, color… Stop the animation. Use couple of them on one spot for more dramatic effect
• Red moon with 3 flying bats around. Change color of moon, size of moon and bats… Use bats as standalone item – make moon invisible.
• Script for stopping animations used above
• 2 different mesh pumpkins, each as one prim. Change size in any direction or proportionally and create dozens of originally looking pumpkins.
• Funny pumpkin buddy as a bonus. Wear on shoulder or rez on ground. 1 prim only, change size, color…

Rezzed inworld at Kitely
Available at Kitely Market

Available and rezzed at Second Life Color Seasons Shop (soon)
Available at SL Marketplace



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