Birch Meadows with River – Complete Mesh Landscapes, River Banks, Shorelines

Birch Meados are building kits in several seasons – complete landscapes made with mesh rocks, grass, flowers and trees for very wide usage.
You can create your own river, lake, sea, shores of region both with natural system water or prim water in your skybox, or on places, where you have no rights for changing terrain.
Use any piece INSTEAD of terrain – all pieces are walkable, you can cover big areas and create new level of terrain. Rock parts, grass and trees are phantom only.
Prim water is phantom, change it and walk on the water;)

– low prim even in bigger sizes
– 3D Materials enabled for rocks and prim water
– set includes 9 mesh trees with Whispering Wind
– trees, flowers and grass are using Whispering Wind – smooth animation of wind effect. Turned it off, back on, delete scripts and it will still work…
– everything is copy and modify, scripts are copy only
– including 3 pcs of mesh water – circle, square and rectangle
– mesh water has running water effect – smooth animation of water
– change size (up to 64 meters), change texture repeating, glow, full bright… use your own texture
– combine any pieces with any sets, all are compatible, using similar seasonal patterns
– change textures, change their repeating, glow, full bright…
– make upper stone invisible, or move the stone at any place


SEASONAL piece WITH GRASS, 13x10x16 (including height of trees)
SEASONAL piece with NO GRASS on the walkable teerrain, 13x10x16 (including height of trees)
BASIC piece with grass – 13x10x10 (height) meters
BASIC piece with NO grass – 13x10x10 (height) meters
WATER – 3 pieces (Square, Rectangle and Circle) with animated water
Script for stopping animation – could be used for all trees, grass, flowers AND water

Available inworld at Kitely
Kitely Market (Soon)

Available inworld at Second Life
Available at SL Marketplace:
Birch Meadows Spring
Birch Meadows Summer
Birch Meadows Autumn

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