Wisteria Tree “Stars”

Wisteria tree “Five Fingers” is low poly mesh tree with 9 colors of flowers and smooth wind effect.

Whispering Wind is a smooth wind animation of foliage, which makes trees more realistic. Animation could be turned off by included script. Reset tree and animation will turn on again.
There is 9 colors of wisteria – each original textures of flowers. Changing colors is possible by click on wisteria prim.
White flowers could be tinted to every color.
3D materials are enabled for tree trunk.
Extremely low prim even in Second Life!

Rezzed inworld at Kitely
Available at Kitely Market
Prim count in OpenSim: 3 prims

Available and rezzed at Second Life
Available at SL Marketplace
Prim count in SL: 4 prims for size 10x10x11 (height) meters

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