Sky Islands in 4 seasons, 5 rock textures, with running water and Whispering Wind

Sky Islands are set of 4 different mesh islands suitable for your sky living and landscaping.

There are 4 seasons of grass and 5 rock textures, changing of colors is easy – just click on rock or grass part and switch to next texture. 3D materials are on for grass and rock and are changed along with grass or rock texture.

Sky island could be used with or without roots, branches, ivy, lake and waterfall. Set includes objects completed, delete some parts, or modify some prims and objects to create an original landscape.

Whispering Wind is a smooth wind animation of ivy, which makes plants more realistic. Animation could be turned off by included script. Reset object and animation will turn on again.
Running water in the lake and in waterfalls works same way.

Sky islands are walkable – you can use them for walking and relaxing.

Objects are copy + modify, scripts are copy only.


– 4 different sky islands with branches, roots and ivy, some with stones, lake and waterfall.
– Script for stopping wind effect animation. Just insert script into tree.

Script for color changing can be deleted after desired texture is chosen. After deleting script textures cannot be switched anymore, you need to rez new item.
Changing the size could cause different land impact – prim count.

Prim count in Second Life: 4 for island standalone (in default size, about 10x10x10 meters), 6-15 prims for complete islands with root, branches, ivy, stones and water.

Prim count in OpenSim: (soon)

Rezzed inworld at Kitely (soon)
Available at Kitely Market (soon)

Available and rezzed at Second Life
Available at SL Marketplace

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